The Road Goes on Forever, and the Party Never Ends


I hadn’t looked at the list for weeks (maybe months?), and then I wandered back to it, scanning it casually when one caught my breath. Number 26. Call my family twice a month. This goal has been met many times over in the last two months, not because I made a newfound commitment to it, but because I needed to reach out to my family, and especially my mom, over and over and over again recently.

My dear┬ádad died on February 8. He hadn’t been in great health for quite some time, but the timing was unexpected and sudden. My heart is broken, and life has felt very heavy since. He was the one who said we didn’t talk enough, that he wanted to hear from me more. And I truly regret that I didn’t reach out more often, even just to say hello. My dad didn’t have an enemy in the world, and looked at life as a fun adventure. I am so lucky I got to be his daughter.


35 Before 35


There are many iterations of this all over the types of blogs I read regularly (blogs by women more or less my age, socially savvy, stylish, and always with at least one child. You know, grown ups.). I love myself some lists, and I got to thinking that it might be smart to gather all my whimsical goals into one list, so they’re not so given to whimsy. I think all of them are doable. And while “before 35” is a good goal, I won’t beat myself up if I don’t make it. I’m 32 now. Three years. I got this.

1. Have a baby.

2. Paint all of the rooms in the house (minus kitchen).

3. Refinish a piece of furniture (or two).

4. Make a quilt that is both beautiful (to me) and functional (to all).

5. Learn to paint with watercolors (at least a little).

5. Reupholster ottomans.

6. Make a raised bed garden in backyard (and grow some food).

7. Drink < 4 drinks a week.

8. Find a job with steady 9-5ish hours.

9. Make more than $40,000/year.

10. Visit Washington, DC with Kevin.

11. Knit vintage Christmas stocking like my grandma made.

12. Get wedding photos printed into a book.

13. Keep a houseplant alive for at least a year.

14. Pay off student loan in full.

15. Run a 5k.

16. Never wear hole-y underwear again.

17. Learn to do basic electrical wiring.

18. Learn to change a flat tire.

19. Ride my bike to work 2x a week, regardless of weather.

20. Roast a whole chicken.

21. Write a letter a month.

22. Attend a neighborhood meeting hosted by our alderman.

23. Save $50 per paycheck, every paycheck.

24. Go to an estate sale.

25. Swim laps in Lake Michigan.

26. Call my family twice a month.

27. Make it to onederland.

28. Go to the top of the Arch.

29. Get my vision checked.

30. Find a primary care physician and visit on the regular.

31. Learn to make a perfect negroni by heart.

32. Learn how to use Illustrator.

33. Throw a fantastic party.

34. Watch no TV one night a week.

35. Dance at the Green Mill.

It’s Okay, I Know Nothing’s Wrong

(image from ice cream sufferah.)

i’ve got it bad for david byrne these days. all days, really, but these days especially. something about the summertime makes me want to listen to talking heads and nothing else. end of the summertime project: explore the entire david byrne canon. first step: figure out a way to see ride, rise, roar.

ps: i once called my friend joe “david byrne, jr.” this was a ridiculous statement, of course, but joe makes rad drawings and whatnot. you should look at them.

Girl Crush: Katie Turner

i often (maybe too often, i should probably cool it) bellyache about how many totally adorable indie twenty-something ladies are in chicago, making it difficult for less adorable twenty-something ladies like me to stand a chance in the catching-adorable-indie-twenty-something-dudes’-eyes department. i just found out that one of the gals who works at the coffee shop right next to my work, who is hands-down one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen in person, is also in a band. how does one compete with that? as my friend katie rose once said, “if girls like that are roaming the street, i might as well put in my two weeks, romantically speaking.”

all this is to say, thank goodness katie turner lives in brooklyn. keep your adorable there, please.

(all images from katie turner)

New Classics

because my friend kr is a genius, she once (with the help of another genius friend, beth) devised a game wherein you try to come up with porn titles of classic novels. my favorite has always been “a tale of two titties.” imagine my delight (mixed with a little horror and confusion) when this game was brought up at pub trivia on sunday (our first! and we didn’t embarrass ourselves. more on that later, perhaps.), and my friend ben came up with “thighs and pregnantjuice.” for “pride and prejudice.” this is either the most brilliant thing or the absolute worst thing ever, and since i laugh out loud every time i think of it, i’m inclined to think it’s the former.

also, yes, i spent actual time photoshopping that title onto that beautiful book. i should be stopped. and slapped. stopped & slapped.

Typseset in Arial

do i love making fun of hipsters, even though i can no longer deny that i have friends who are legitimate hipsters*? yes, yes i do. honda jazz, you’ve won the key to my heart with this one.

via latfh, of course.

*please just shoot me now for using the phrase “legitimate hipsters.”