Girl Crush: Katie Turner

i often (maybe too often, i should probably cool it) bellyache about how many totally adorable indie twenty-something ladies are in chicago, making it difficult for less adorable twenty-something ladies like me to stand a chance in the catching-adorable-indie-twenty-something-dudes’-eyes department. i just found out that one of the gals who works at the coffee shop right next to my work, who is hands-down one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen in person, is also in a band. how does one compete with that? as my friend katie rose once said, “if girls like that are roaming the street, i might as well put in my two weeks, romantically speaking.”

all this is to say, thank goodness katie turner lives in brooklyn. keep your adorable there, please.

(all images from katie turner)


One thought on “Girl Crush: Katie Turner

  1. AAAAAAH! I am undone! Alternately pleased (at this bold showing by a fellow Katie) and crushed (’cause band+insane illustration skillz+gorgeous= indie darling= I am fucked). Your blog mimics the very spirit of life.

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