35 Before 35


There are many iterations of this all over the types of blogs I read regularly (blogs by women more or less my age, socially savvy, stylish, and always with at least one child. You know, grown ups.). I love myself some lists, and I got to thinking that it might be smart to gather all my whimsical goals into one list, so they’re not so given to whimsy. I think all of them are doable. And while “before 35” is a good goal, I won’t beat myself up if I don’t make it. I’m 32 now. Three years. I got this.

1. Have a baby.

2. Paint all of the rooms in the house (minus kitchen).

3. Refinish a piece of furniture (or two).

4. Make a quilt that is both beautiful (to me) and functional (to all).

5. Learn to paint with watercolors (at least a little).

5. Reupholster ottomans.

6. Make a raised bed garden in backyard (and grow some food).

7. Drink < 4 drinks a week.

8. Find a job with steady 9-5ish hours.

9. Make more than $40,000/year.

10. Visit Washington, DC with Kevin.

11. Knit vintage Christmas stocking like my grandma made.

12. Get wedding photos printed into a book.

13. Keep a houseplant alive for at least a year.

14. Pay off student loan in full.

15. Run a 5k.

16. Never wear hole-y underwear again.

17. Learn to do basic electrical wiring.

18. Learn to change a flat tire.

19. Ride my bike to work 2x a week, regardless of weather.

20. Roast a whole chicken.

21. Write a letter a month.

22. Attend a neighborhood meeting hosted by our alderman.

23. Save $50 per paycheck, every paycheck.

24. Go to an estate sale.

25. Swim laps in Lake Michigan.

26. Call my family twice a month.

27. Make it to onederland.

28. Go to the top of the Arch.

29. Get my vision checked.

30. Find a primary care physician and visit on the regular.

31. Learn to make a perfect negroni by heart.

32. Learn how to use Illustrator.

33. Throw a fantastic party.

34. Watch no TV one night a week.

35. Dance at the Green Mill.


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