I Love Lamp

(yes, a ron burgundy reference. I’M SO TOPICAL.)

obviously there are a million things to love about mad men (and if you need more, please start reading michelle collins’ recaps here. homegirl’s a comedy wizard.), but i swear i could watch that thing on mute and still be completely captivated by the 1960s fantasy sets. i honestly smiled a little at the similarity between the lamp in don draper’s apartment and one of mine. it’s the little things. oh, and ps, “i love deer.” = greatest line in history, right?

don’s lamp.

my lamp.

upon further inspection, mine’s clearly a bit more voluptuous (appropriate), but they seem cut from the same cloth. so, i’m don draper? excuse me, i have to go be freakishly aloof while consistently dominating my co-workers and ex-wife’s new husband and everyone ever. byeeee.


The Adorable Couple

my parents celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary this week. lately when i see them together i am struck by what a team they are. they love each other, sure, but more than that, they’re just always in each other’s corner. they also allow a certain amount of ridiculousness from the other. once, basically out the of the blue, my dad said “you know, if you die before me, i don’t think i’ll get married again, but i think i’ll date.” my mom just laughed and said “i love you.” they’re great.

jim + marty, ca. 1972.

Famous + Popular

if there’s anything nicer than an anonymous bicycle note, then i don’t know what it is.

in the interest of full disclosure, this admirer is not exactly secret, but trust, it was no less wonderful to see this on the schwinn’s rack the other day.


what’s that? you’ve not been to unique thrift on half-price mondays? fool! do it! i’m not the best thrifter (homegirl gets tired easily digging through all those racks), but i’m always assured to get at least a nice pillowcase or glass or two before thrift store brain death sets in.

science facts:

1. kr is a genius napoleon imitator.

2. that cat vest? not homemade. so, at some point, someone designed this vest, pitched it to manufacturers who in turn mass-produced it and sold it to stores, where customers purchased it. FASHION.

3. that collared shirt is actually quite cute and was a good purchase.

ashley g knows what’s up.
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